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7/11 OFP (ROLL OF HONOUR) 2015 jenko732 2,291 16 11/01
by Ripbodger
ROH - AT's and ATO's Fluff 658 14 05/10/15
by norman1942
RAOConLine Roll of Honour Mike_2817 14,361 1 27/05/15
by Mike_2817
RBL funerals Geoff 4,639 0 30/12/11
by Geoff
In Remembrance [Amended Sept 14] Mike_2817 7,724 1 28/08/08
by Mike_2817
Lt Col Harry Truman US Army stutheeagle 199 5 22 hours ago
by amcharlesworth
Martin Barrett donships 150 6 Yesterday at 14:06
by trthurlow
WO1 James McConnachie Malmo 523 20 05/02
by Mike_2817
Major[Rtd]Brian Train RAOC MBE oggy 339 10 02/02
by holmej
Bob Ritchie ron9516 730 17 26/01
by Angie
Lt Col D G Pudney (Donald) Mike_2817 203 5 23/01
by PaddyQ
Colonel D G Mendham (Douglas) Mike_2817 226 15 23/01
by PaddyQ
1 2
jdraoc 3,616 25 18/01
by kimselvon
Standard bearers at funeral Wigan 353 10 11/01
by Mike_2817
Lt Col J D Clayton MBE (Jack) Mike_2817 464 5 05/01
by DaveStaffClerk
Major T A L Judge GM (Tom) Mike_2817 179 5 05/01
by BillChamberlain
Major P E Veal (Peter) Mike_2817 206 7 04/01
by bastle
Charlie Henry Woods Shaun 198 1 22/12/15
by KMJ
Mick McCabe JohnSinnott 525 13 17/12/15
by DrDracone
Clay Marquand [VS] PaddyQ 536 19 09/12/15
by johnpreston
Kenny 'Scouse' Fletcher
1 2 3
steve027 12,913 64 02/12/15
by JJMar
Peter Duckworth RAOC keith076 728 22 01/12/15
by DerrickCorney
1367393 WO A C Howe RAF jim_howe 208 4 27/11/15
by jim_howe
Maj J Mollett (Joe) Mike_2817 134 4 21/11/15
by Malmo
Jeff Parks [VS] PaddyQ 326 10 14/11/15
by johnpreston
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